Saturday, September 09, 2017

My NFL Predictions For This Season

49ers 2013

One can’t be serious all the time so I thought the time was ripe for another post making my NFL predictions for the 2017 season. I have done this a few times in the past, but not the last couple years. I am not a prophet, or the even the son of a prophet, and my past predictions have been pretty bad (just like the experts you see on TV) but it is fun to do it. I am looking forward to this season because I think my 49ers are going to be a little better. So my first prediction is that they will win 5-7 games this year. I am looking for them to steadily improve over the next three years and become more like the great team they were in the 80’s and 90’s. We also have a family fantasy football league on My team started out badly Thursday night (Brady is my QB) but I still hope to achieve my main goal of not getting beat by Joyce’s team every time we play. Yep, that happened last year. So below are my predictions for the coming year. You can hold me accountable. <Smile> The picture above is from my 2013 predictions.

NFC Playoff Teams: Cardinals, Packers, Falcons, Giants, Wild Cards: Cowboys, Seahawks

AFC Playoff Teams: Raiders, Texans, Patriots, Steelers, Wild Cards: Chiefs, Titans

NFC Playoffs: Round One: Cardinals over Cowboys, Giants over Seahawks

                        Round Two: Cardinals upset Falcons, Packers over Giants

                        NFC Championship: Packers over Cardinals

AFC Playoffs: Round One: Steelers over Titans, Chiefs over Texans

                        Round Two: Raiders over Steelers, Patriots over Chiefs

                        AFC Championship: Raiders over Patriots

Super Bowl: Raiders 34 – Packers 31

We will revisit this post next February and see how I did!

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Jens und Karin Schulz said...

Dear Dave and Joyce,

We still follow your blog from time to time. It is terrible that your cancer is back and we are wondering what God has in mind with your illness. We would like to get in closer contact. So if you feel the same way you can email us at
Jens and Karin Schulz from good old Germany
(Your former CFO and bookkeeper)