Monday, December 04, 2017

Happy to Be Back Home

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After being released from the hospital last Tuesday we hung around Stanford until Saturday in case follow-up was needed. I had my blood tests on Thursday and everything seems to be on, actually a little ahead of, schedule. So we drove back up to Shingle Springs on Saturday and arrived early in the afternoon. It was good to see Missy and Leila after being gone for almost a month. I was able to relax on Saturday and Sunday and enjoyed sleeping in my own bed again. So far I seem to be getting a little better each day, with some minor setbacks that I was told to expect.. I am trying to get up and walk around the house at least a half hour per day to begin to rebuild my strength. I am pretty much confined to the house until December 15th and am still on the low microbial diet until then. My skin, taste buds etc. are growing back and healing. I can get food down now no problem except it often tastes funny. It is best that we not get too many visitors until the 15th, unless they are very sure they do not have a cold, flu or anything I could catch. My immune system is coming back but it is still weak. I am also looking forward to being able to use some resistance bands to re-build some strength after the 15th. So far so good.

A couple things you could pray for us…

  1. This one is odd but we have a rat in our house who has decided that our house is a nice warm place to spend the winter. We have called the exterminator, set out traps and even chased it with brooms (Joyce saw me do this and banned me to the bedroom) but have not caught it yet. With my immune condition this is especially a problem. Please pray that we can get rid of it and keep the pests out of our house.
  2. Pray for continued recovery of my body. I have been told this can take from 6 months to 2 years.
  3. Joyce and I are in the process for applying for several types of medical insurance. Please pray that we can find something affordable and that meets our needs. We are even looking at disability based on what Stanford is advising.
  4. My edema continues to be a real problem. I am praying that it is not chronic. I have medicine I am taking that helps but nothing seems to be making real progress. The doctor says this may be the most difficult side effect to get rid of.
  5. We have seen God and God’s people minister to us in so many ways. We are very thankful for that.

Thank you for caring about us and praying for us.

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Jo Romaniello said...

Continued prayer as always, Dave. Blessed for the good news. Bad, bad rat!!!!