Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another Positive Update From Stanford

20171130_165306 (768x1024)Okay! It has been a better day than we expected. First, I am feeling a little little better than yesterday. I was exhausted yesterday, but today was able to walk to the cancer center from our apartment at Stanford. Full disclosure, Joyce did push me back in the wheelchair. The rash and mouth sores are getting much better. So overall I am improving so far without complications. Joyce and I are thanking God for that.

20171130_170424 (768x1024)The really good news came at the cancer center with my blood test. We were hoping the numbers would be up and they were  better than expected. We wanted a white blood count of 5 or more and we were over 10. We wanted a platelet count over 50 and got 87. Not only does this mean my body is healing but it meant the chest catheter could come out. The pictures here record the process. For the first time since February I have no port, wires or tubes coming out of my body. It stings a little now but I am very happy.20171130_170429 (768x1024) I am thanking the LORD for his grace and mercy on me.

Again thank you for your prayers as we go through this ordeal. It's not the end yet but it's possible we are through the worst part. Let's keep praying that this will be so. We plan to be back in Shingle Springs on Saturday. I'll still be restricted until December 14th and we have a couple more appointments at Stanford before then. After that we are hoping to see many of you and talk about what has God has done for us and share some time together. God Bless.

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