Monday, November 13, 2017

Stanford Hospital Update

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20171111_103532 (768x1024)Today, Monday the 13th, is my 4th day in the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit here at the Stanford Hospital. We checked in on Friday, and right now our tentative discharge date is on the board at December 4th. I am hoping  to shorten the stay a little, but we will see what God has planned. Right now I am in a semi-private room with a new friend Steven and his wife Gloria. Steven had a different type of stem cell transplant than I am getting and has had some setbacks. I would appreciate your prayers for him as well. Joyce and I have already had some good conversations with them over a wide range of subjects that have included some deep spiritual talks, jokes and football watching and commentary together. When my blood counts dip again,  I will be transferred to a private room.

20171111_103506 (768x1024)Friday night was my first chemo session. They warned me that it could result in a headache and boy did it. It felt like the worse sinus headache I have ever had which then moved down into intense jaw pain and a sore throat. They gave me the chemo about 9pm and the jaw pain and headache started about midnight and lasted until 5am. Wow I am glad that is over! Saturday was a rest day. Joyce and I were able to three little walking excursions through the hospital – can’t go outside- which was nice. I watched some college football and Joyce went up to the Sawyer’s house in the evening. She stayed with them this past weekend.

20171111_150352 (768x1024)Sunday was the 2nd chemo session. They dripped the VP-16 into me as I watched the 49er game. I enjoyed watching the Niners get their first win of the season – finally. The main side effect with this one is nausea and I had that a some, but nowhere near as bad as the headache on Friday night, Saturday morning. I am through that now and Have a day of rest today to spend some time writing and reading.

20171111_105219 (1024x768)So far things are going well. My appetite is holding steady. I even got a hot dog and chicken nuggets for the football game. They are doing what they can to control the edema which will be a special challenge tomorrow when  I get the third chemo the Cytoxan. Thank you for your prayers and all the very positive responses to our emails and Facebook posts. We know that we are loved and prayed for and there is nothing better than that. God Bless.

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