Thursday, November 23, 2017

Wednesday Night Fever

One thing that has been repeated several times to us here is "we have done these bone marrow transplants several times and we can pretty much tell you how each step in the process will go." So with that in mind, it was day 7 after transplant and that meant it was "fever day." Of course my fever, officially at 100.4, happened at 1AM. They were ready. They were right in my room to do a blood culture. They pulled blood out of each arm and had it done in about a half hour. So my fever is now under control.
The big issue for me is still the pain from the mouth sores. I have a very hard time swallowing because of it. This will be an up and down experience for the next few days. The nurse told me that my main job right now is to minimize my pain so I can get as much nutrition as possible.  The encouraging thing here is that the conclusion of this process is coming into sight. We could actually be home in a week or so.
Thank you for your prayers and concern. We have great doctors here but, even better, we have the Great Physician, Jesus Christ. No matter what we face, He has faced it already, and defeated it. God Bless. 

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