Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Another Brief Update From Stanford Hospital

Today is Day 6 post-transplant. This is kind of a turning point day in the whole process. While there is no guarantee that the chemo driven symptoms will let up, this is when the recovery process begins. I got my first neupogen shot today. This is the med that will help me begin the process of of rebuilding my immune system and get those white blood cell counts up again. Normally, it starts slowly and we see significant progress after about a week of shots. This is how it worked for me before. So I am happy that this corner has been turned. I am also feeling better today. I am not sure if it is because the doctors increased the pain meds or if I am really starting to improve. I still have the sore throat and am reminded of that every time I swallow. I slept sitting up last night and am trying to stay up more which helps with the mucus issues. So, I would have to say today is a much better day than yesterday. I did scratch myself accidentally while showering. It is amazing how much a minor scratch bleeds when your platelet count is so low!

So my main prayer request for today is that the process starts its work and my blood counts come up and my body moves along in the recovery process. The big prayer request is that this whole transplant process is successful and I am declared “cancer free” at the end of it. Thank you for praying.

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