Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Yesterday Was An “Interesting” Day

20171115_115918 (768x1024)A lot of things happened yesterday. As I write this I am on my Wednesday “rest day” between my last chemotherapy on Tuesday and the stem cell transplant tomorrow. The chemo would be the last in a series of three given over a period of six days in a greater concentration than I have received before. That should have been enough for one day right? It was not to be. Joyce came back to the hospital in the AM and I could tell something was wrong. She was on the phone and couldn’t explain it to me. When she got off the phone, she informed me that she felt sick and wasn’t sure what to do. When I asked her about the phone call she said…. well our house got broken into and don’t really know details except that Missy surprised them when she came home and they ran away. She’s fine but we didn’t know yet what they had taken. Not the way you want to start the day.

So we needed to get things into perspective and get a plan. The nurses told 20171115_115920 (768x1024)Joyce that she needed to go off the unit because of all the patients, including me, who would be at risk. I told her she should go home, be with Missy and Leila and get some rest. The nurses thought that would be the best thing. So she headed back to Shingle Springs, a 4 hour drive yesterday. She got some rest and will go to the doctor this morning. She thinks it is just a cold. The police came to the house. Several Gold Country Baptist leaders also came over to help for which I am thankful.. It looks like not much was taken. They took Leila’s Kindle and some of Joyce and Missy’s jewelry – nothing really expensive. We are just thankful that everyone  is OK.

My last chemo turned out better than expected – at least so far. The doctor said I should be feeling better over the next week, until my blood counts drop again. Then I will feel weak and tired until they come back up. Everyone is encouraged by how my body is coming through this. Thank you for praying. We know God is with us through all of this. Today my devotions ended with the account of Jesus walking on the water. It is so encouraging to know that Jesus is there when we are rowing hard in the boat in the storm in the dark.

By the way, I got moved to room E144B, right next door and I have a new roommate. I’ll get moved again when my blood counts drop.

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