Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Leila’s Birthday Party


20180319_154141 (768x1024)28828911_10214164993506555_6060964953351760727_o (762x1024)We had a nice gathering of family and friends for Leila’s 6th birthday party on Monday. This is one of the advantages of living closer to family. As you can see, the theme this year was Pokémon.  Joyce and Missy did some amazing work with the cake (I know that icing that cake took about an hour) and I know Leila and her friend had a great time. We also enjoyed some good food and good fellowship. It was nice for me to be around people again. It was a fun time for all. Happy Birthday Leila!

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Leila enjoyed the presents and the piñata. She smashed it pretty good and provided candy for all. She was also quite serious about getting those candles blown out.

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