Wednesday, March 14, 2018

March Madness Picks

This is my favorite time of year to watch college basketball. I already enjoyed two excellent games in the “first four” last night. I do have to say that the recent scandals in the NCAA make the whole thing a little less appetizing, but I want to enjoy the games this year before greed of the NCAA, college administrations, coaches, agents and other con men kill it off. So here are my picks for the tournament this year all the way to the championship game. And yes, I have filled out multiple different brackets on the bracket challenge on ESPN.

First Two Rounds:  East: Purdue, Florida, West Virginia, Villanova

                  Midwest: Kansas, Clemson, Michigan State, Duke

                  South: Cincinnati, Miami, Arizona, Virginia

                  West: Missouri, Gonzaga, Michigan, North Carolina

Sweet 16: East: Purdue over Florida, West Virginia (upset special) over Villanova; Purdue over West Virginia

               Midwest: Clemson over Kansas (another upset); Michigan St. over Duke; Michigan St. over Clemson

               South: Cincinnati over Miami; Arizona over Virginia; Arizona over Cincinnati

               West: Gonzaga over Missouri; Michigan over North Carolina; Michigan over Gonzaga

Final Four: Arizona over Michigan; Michigan State over Purdue

Championship:   Arizona 81  Michigan State 75

Last year my best bracket was in the 68th% in ESPN’s bracket challenge. So don’t take these picks to the bank!!

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