Monday, March 05, 2018

Stanford Trip and Doctor Appointments

20180302_160403Last week was a week of doctor appointments for us. We started with an appointment with the local oncologist on Wednesday, with a blood test preceding it on Tuesday. That went well. The blood test was clear and all my numbers were good. The doctor was very encouraged by how much my health had improved since I last saw him. We also enjoyed seeing the nurses at the infusion center in Cameron Park. They celebrated my recovery with Joyce and me. We have been quite blessed by their care for us over the last year.

20180302_133215 (1024x560)Friday we headed down to Stanford for another PET scan and an appointment with an edema specialist.  The PET scan went well and we will be back at Stanford on Thursday to hear the results from our transplant doctor. Joyce was able to listen to some music (left) while I being scanned. We would appreciate your prayers for that appointment. 20180302_161209 (768x1024)We spent about an hour with the edema specialist. He thinks that the edema is going to be chronic, but he thought that there could be ways to manage it. It seems likely that the lymphoma damaged enough of my lymph nodes so that water will never drain properly through my body. He referred us to a physical therapist who may help. He also gave us prescriptions for various types of medical garments that will help my body process the water through me, like compression socks and shorts, special shoes etc. We are also waiting to see if our insurance will allow us to purchase some medical devices which the doctor prescribed. Joyce and I went out on Saturday and bought some of the clothes he recommended.. These are the most expensive clothes I have ever owned, but, if they help me become more mobile and able to function, they will be worth it. It feels a little weird to own an $80 pair of socks. We are thankful to those who donated to our medical fund so that we were able to go right out and buy this stuff.

Thank you for praying for us last week and for praying for us as we see the doctor on Thursday the 8th. It looks like our life will be a little different than it was before, but we are thankful for life and for healing and are looking forward to where God takes us in the next years.

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