Thursday, June 21, 2018

Analysis of Proverbs 3.1-10

Proverbs 3.1-10 with parallel elements color coded

Parallel Elements in Proverbs 3.1-10

Proverbs 3.1-10 observed

Connections Between the Parallel ElementsProverbs 3.1-10 Summary 1

Proverbs 3.1-10 summaries #2

Summary statements for each unit of poetry

Outline of Proverbs 3.1-10

  • If you devote yourself to wise instruction you will tend to live a long and successful life
    • Command #1 – Devote yourself to the instructions of the wise
    • The result of keeping command #1 is a long and full life.
  • A life based on truth and characterized by mercy will bring you the favor of God and other people
    • Command #2 – Your life should be characterized by truth and mercy
    • The result of keeping command #2 is the favor of God and society
  • When you humbly and faithfully submit every area of your life to God you will tend to be healthier and more content
    • Command #3 – Humbly and faithfully submit yourself to God in thoughts, words and actions
      • You should trust in YHWH rather than yourself
      • You should entrust every area of your life to YHWH
      • Trusting in YHWH means to worship and obey Him
    • The result of keeping command #3 will be health and contentment
  • Use your wealth to honor God first and God will bless you by providing all you need and beyond.

Summary Statement of Proverbs 3.1-10

When one listens to wise instruction and submits every area of life to God they will be blessed physically, socially, materially and spiritually..

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