Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Structure and Message of Ephesians

Ephesians Color Chart

Message of Ephesians

The Church is a unity, with diverse members, formed by God’s eternal plan, with a shared salvation in Christ and a shared calling to glorify God in the power of the Spirit.

Basic Outline of Ephesians

  • The basis of the unity of the Church is a common salvation in Jesus Christ. 1:1-3:21
    • Because of God’s grace and peace the church is God’s “holy ones” through faith. 1:1-2
    • Salvation is a blessing from God that we can experience “in Jesus Christ.” 1:3-23
      • The entire Trinity worked together to bring salvation to the Church. 1:3-14 (one sentence)
      • Believers can have the full experience of all of God’s blessings through the power of Jesus Christ 1:15-23
    • Salvation unites people who are diverse and at odds with one another into one unified body. 2:1-3:21
      • Salvation by grace through faith is the one common means of entry into the church. 2:1-10
      • Salvation provides a common basis for peace with God and with each other. 2:11-22
      • Salvation brings a common purpose to life: To glorify God before all creation. 3:1-21
  • The Church must be unified because all its members share a common calling and mission. 4:1-6:24
    • All Believers have a common responsibility: Preserve the unity of the Church 4:1-16
      • The church’s unity is based on the Unity in the Trinity, common hope and common calling. 1-6
      • The church is made up of diverse members who work together with a unified mission. 7-16
    • Believers should have a common lifestyle: Like Jesus’ Lifestyle 4:17-5:14
      • Believers must live as a new creation by renouncing the deeds of the old way to live the way Jesus would. 4:17-5:2
      • Believers must be careful to live a lifestyle that accurately reflects Christ and pleases the Lord. 5:3-14
    • Believers have a common power to live like Christ: The Holy Spirit 5:15-6:9
      • Control by the Spirit provides power to live thankfully and submissively as Jesus lived. 5:15-21
      • Spirit control is measured and seen in loving, transformed Christlike relationships that are mutually submitted to and serve one another . 5:22-6:9
    • Believers have a common battle against spiritual darkness and spiritual attack. 6:10-20
      • Believers must be ready for battle by actively using what Christ has provided. 10-17
      • The main offensive weapon in the spiritual battle is prayer. 18-20
    • Closing: Unity brings fellowship, peace and grace 6:21-24

Jesus Paid a High Price For The Unity of the Church - Don’t Break It

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