Thursday, June 28, 2018

Our Brief June 2018 Prayer Letter


There is not much new to report on our situation but I thought it good to give a brief update. We recently returned from 3 weeks in Cincinnati with our family there. We enjoyed being with the grandkids and were able to help Samantha with the kids while Mike is in Israel for 6 weeks of summer study. It was an opportune time for us to be there as Samantha had to go to Texas to be with her mother who has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. We would appreciate your prayers for Martha Santana and for Mike and Sam as they try to help.

It looks like July will be a busy month for us. We have been blessed, since last September, by Gold Country Baptist Church allowing us to stay in their parsonage. It looks like they will have a new associate pastor soon so we may be moving before the end of July. We have put in an application at an apartment in El Dorado Hills but it looks like it will be at least 4-6 months until we hear anything on that. In the meantime, our plan is to move back in to my parents' house and stay in their downstairs apartment. This will allow us to help them out around the house etc. and we hope will become a home base for ministry as I continue to get better and more able to get out. We also have a week of medical testing July 23-26 at Stanford. We are anticipating a good outcome and ask that you be praying for that.

Our plans have not changed much. We are hoping that after all my scans are clear next month, we can begin working part-time with Liebenzell USA and receiving salary support again. I am working on applying to a work program for people with disability that allows this. This would also separate my medical insurance from Joyce's which would help. Please be in prayer for this. This would give us the opportunity to start slow and work our way back into a ministry representing the mission and providing training and assistance to Micronesian groups in the US. I am also hoping to teach a PIU on-line seminary course in the Fall. We have not been able to work out the details on all of this yet, but I would hope we'd be able to restart official ministry in August or September.

In the meantime I get a little stronger and feel a little better every day. My edema is still an issue. It took about 2-3 days to recover from the flights each way. I would say that an international flight is still out of reach. Joyce is doing well and is glad that she is available to help her mom and dad move into a retirement home nearby. She will be close enough to help her dad provide some care for her mom.

I get a little frustrated with the waiting but we are confident in God's care for us. If you have any questions please ask by email or give me a call. We appreciate your prayers and support very much.



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