Thursday, August 09, 2018

Boydston Wedding


20180804_180141Last Saturday Joyce and I were able to attend the wedding of Kent Boydston. Kent is the son of our friends and colleagues at PIU, Brad and Cheryl Boydston. Kent was also a student in the very first seminary class I taught back in 2008. If you go to the link you can see Kent’s face in the upper left corner of the picture. Even though the only people we knew at the wedding were Brad, Cheryl and Kent we had a great time. It is always fun for us to reconnect with Brad and Cheryl. We also got to meet some new and interesting people who sat at our table during the reception. We now have a new friend that we can connect with next time we go to Santa Cruz. We also had a nice drive through the wine country between Placerville and Stockton, even though it was really a hot day. It was really refreshing for me to get out in public with people again. I even I got out on the dance floor for a few minutes at the reception! Notice that I did not call what I did there “dancing.” It was a lot of fun. Thanks Brad and Cheryl for inviting us!

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