Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Structure and Message of First Peter

1 Peter Color Chart

The Message of 1 Peter

God gives grace to every believer to live as Christ did, despite persecution, which guarantees that we will be glorified with Him as the outcome of salvation.

  1. Introduction: Believers have a guaranteed inheritance because they are chosen for sanctification by God. Thus, they can joyfully serve God, despite trials, as the prophets did. 1:1-12
  2. Believers must live out God‘s grace because of the price Jesus paid for their salvation and because of the enduring truth of the Word of God. 1:13-25
  3. Believers must grow in their knowledge of and service to Jesus because He is the only sure basis for life and what he has done for us obligates us to set aside our lives to serve Him 2:1-10
  4. Because salvation guarantees God‘s ultimate blessing, believers should live lives of submission and harmony with each other and with the world. 2:11-3:12
  5. Expect and welcome trials because they work out God’s will for your ultimate salvation. 3:13-5:14

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