Monday, August 20, 2018

Structure and Message of Hebrews

Hebrews Chart color

Message of Hebrews

Don’t turn away from the superior revelation and ministry of Christ.

Just Jesus is Enough.

Knowledge and appreciation of Jesus Christ is essential to persevere in faithfulness

  • Prologue; Jesus is Superior as the ultimate revelation of God‘s image, power and authority. 1.1-3
  • Jesus is the ultimate king. Therefore we must be vary careful to listen to Him, submit and follow His example. 1:4-4:16
  • Jesus is the ultimate High priest with a superior ministry to bring us into the presence of God. We must respond by working hard to grow and using the access to God He provides. 5:1-10:39
  • The believer’s response to this superior revelation must be a life of faith, grateful worship, and service to God expressed in practical expressions of love toward one another. 11:1-13:25

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