Monday, May 31, 2010

Micronesians in the Snow

Only three of our 15 VOM team members had been to the continental US before this trip and only one of them had ever seen snow before. So when a somewhat unseasonable snow storm hit the Lassen area Thursday, we decided to use our rest day to take a trip to the snow. Our hosts in Susanville provided us with gloves and other winter clothes and the group headed out to enjoy a day in the snow. I think they had a blast as the pictures below will show. On a related note, I would appreciate your prayers for the health of the VOM team members. The travel and unseasonable cold has caused a lot of stuffed noses and sinuses and we have had a couple team members have to spend a day in bed to recover from colds or flu.
As you can see here the snow was really coming down

Jake was still wearing shorts in the snow

Jaynee was well bundled up and protected from the cold

Joyce was immersed in her snow experience

Several intense snowball fights broke out

I am not sure if this is a snowman or something else

Charles and Grace prepare for snowball warfare

Justin and (loud) Grace prepare to return fire

Delight and Evelyn keep things under control 

Kita prepares herself to climb the mountain of snow

Jake tries to convince us that he is not cold

Erten conquers the mountain of snow

We were all happy to be re-united with Daisy Murdock in Susanville. However, Daisy does not seem too happy to be in the snow.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Travel Days - This Week's Schedule

Here is the Voices of Micronesia schedule for the upcoming week May 31-June 6:
Monday May 31: Travel from Susanville to Redding
Tuesday June 1: Shasta Community Church Evening
Wednesday June 2: Glenburn Community Church
Thursday June 3: Travel from Glenburn to Santa Cruz
Friday June 4: Baymonte Christian School Chapels 9AM to Noon
Saturday June 5: BBQ at Jo Romaniello's House  2 PM
Sunday June 6: Gateway Bible Church Scotts Valley Morning Service
                        TV Taping in Santa Cruz  3-6 PM
                        Collide Church Scotts Valley 6 PM

This past week we encountered some real contrasts in California weather. We stopped by Moro Bay on Tuesday afternoon to visit the tidepools and experience the colder side of the Pacific Ocean. On Wednesday we drove up to Susanville. On Donner Pass the students got to experience a snowfall. For many of them it was the first time they had ever seen snow. The next day they took a drive up to Lassen to play in it. We are thankful for travel safety in all situations so far. Here are a few pictures of the trip.

The team enjoys the scenery at Moro Bay

It was a little cold there, but most of the team still stayed in the shade. I did not and got a pretty good sunburn

Joyce was sorting rocks I think

The cliffs and rock formations were pretty spectacular

It got a little colder as we headed up the mountain. 

Cici got out of the van and laid in the snow

Let the snowball fights begin!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

VOM Presentation in San Luis Obispo

Monday night the Voices of Micronesia did our first full one hour performance in the Laguna Lake Mobile Estates Club House in San Luis Obispo, CA. There were about 75 people there and they clearly enjoyed the performance with many of them saying, "if we had known how good this was we would have invited all of our friends." After the performance we stayed for about an hour or two talking with the people and enjoying getting to know new friends. We spent the rest of the evening with local host families before we piled in the vans the next morning to head for the Bay Area. Here are some more pictures and comments about our tour...

Eric Sorenson our Seminary Dean served as the MC for the evening

The worship dance is always one of the highlights of the presentation

The guys also get involved in the worship dance

The "Graces," MayMay and Jaynee sing "Prayer for the World"
Joyce and MayMay (wo)man the PIU table before the presentation. 

The girls head to the house where they will spend the night

And here they are with their gracious host

Joyce is on the phone arranging van pickups, home stays and where we will eat our next meal

Leeman and the guys pack up the van as we get ready to head up the Coast

Kita is packed and ready to go

Friday, May 28, 2010

VOM Presentation in Santa Barbara

Last Sunday the VOM team had the opportunity to share with the Ocean Hills Covenant Church in Santa Barbara California. We not only got to meet some great people there, but also got to tour a beautiful (but still a little cold for us Micronesians) city. Joyce and I, with Jaynee and Jayleen, stayed with Doug and Marian McKenzie and had a great time getting to know them and the many interesting friends that they have. Actually, one of the best parts of the trip is the home stays, where we get to really share with and get to know people and they get to ask questions and really get to know us and the ministry of PIU in the islands. Here are some pictures of the presentation at OHCC and our tour around Santa Barbara...

Jayleen and the rest of the women perform a worship dance

Hands are raised in praise. 

VOM sings about the beauty of God's creation in Micronesia. 

 Esther, the sister of PIU English teacher Jen Rydzik, met us at the church in Santa Barbara.

Part of Santa Barbara's beautiful coastline

Joyce, Jaynee, me and Marian McKenzie

Jaynee, Doug, me and Jayleen

Joyce enjoyed spending a little time at the beach

Jaynee preferred the warm pool water over the cold Pacific Ocean

Jaynee and I are ready to head down the road to the next destination

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Spending Some Time With Our Kids and Grandkids

One of the side benefits for us for in beginning the VOM tour in Los Angeles is that both of our sons and their families live in Southern California. Mike and Samantha were our host family in La Mirada and we were able to break away for one afternoon on Saturday to go to Milo's 1st birthday party down in San Diego. Here are some family pictures from our time in Southern California...

Titus and I run an NFL scrimmage in the living room. 

Joyce enjoyed putting the kids to bed and reading the bedtime stories.

Courage helps us out at VOM practice

Matt and Milo enjoyed dinner at Soup Plantation

Milo liked to push Courage around the room

Milo enjoys his swing

Courage helps Milo open his presents

Milo liked his presents

Joyce and Milo enjoyed working in the backyard. 

This was the first time for me to see Matt, Kristin and Milo in their new home in San Diego

Grandma got to spend a lot of time playing with Milo

Milo had more fun pushing Courage around the yard.