Friday, May 31, 2013

Titus’ Kindergarten Graduation

SAMSUNG            This past Thursday I had my first experience of watching the graduation ceremony of one of my grandchildren as Titus “graduated” from kindergarten at Adacao Elementary School. Titus did it in his own unique style with a well-thought out dance number (see video below) and a no-show for SAMSUNG            the diploma and award ceremony – he was busy. As we waited anxiously with cameras ready, his name was called over and over to no avail. He received his awards later. Nevertheless I think Titus enjoyed the ceremony and all of us were very proud of him. So it is on to first grade for Titus. Courage will follow him into kindergarten next Fall.


Grandma Joyce saw part of the ceremony before she had to go to work. It is hard to get all three kids to stand still to get a picture.


Titus poses with his diploma. Serenity was proud of her big brother.

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

More poses with Titus’ awards and his sisters


We finished with some more awards and gifts for the graduates in the kindergarten classroom

Titus’ class performs

Titus shows his excellent dance moves in this video of his class performance

Pingelapese Bible Translation

SAMSUNG            One of the interesting things I got to do while in Pohnpei was attend a translation session for the Pingelapese Bible. The translation is a cooperative effort between the Isles of Sea Group (which is affiliated with Wycliffe and SAMSUNG            PIU) and several of the Pohnpeian churches. Saladier Ilai, my host and PIU alumni is one of the translation team members. The night I was there they were working through 2 Corinthians 5. While I was there they translated 5.14-18 from the English (using the King James Version and the New Living Translation) into Pingelapese. I spoke to them about the desire of PIU to work with Island Bible translators by providing a solid program of biblical languages and exegesis. Even though I do not know a word of Pingelapese, it was easy for me to see that a working knowledge of biblical languages would have been a great help to them.

SAMSUNG            It is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream for me to have PIU involved in Bible translation efforts. SAMSUNG            Our goal to produce real island theologians who can go directly from the world of the Bible to their home islands necessitates leaders who can produce Bibles in the heart languages of the people. I look forward to the day when, not only Bibles, but theologies and commentaries can be produced in the languages of the island peoples.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

PIU “On the Air”

Tomorrow morning (Saturday Guam time) PIU will be represented on the Damdaming Pinoy radio talk show with Ate Sam. Ate Sam is PIU Advancement Consultant and former Guam Senator, Sam Mabini. She will be interviewing, Nino Pate, Samantha Owen and me about PIU and what we can offer to the Filipino community of Guam. If you would like to, you can listen on line at We will be on the program from 9.00-9.45 AM Saturday June 1st Guam time. That would be 4.00-4.45 PM Pacific Daylight Time on Friday afternoon. I would appreciate your prayers for a good interview and that God would use this to bring the right students and partners to PIU.

A Few More Pictures of Pohnpei

SAMSUNG            I was able to stay in Pohnpei four days after the graduation with PIU alum Saladier Ilai. I had an opportunity to do several things and meet with some key people. Of course, I also got some good sashimi. On Monday I had the opportunity to talk with several students and parents about applying to PIU and helped one complete his application. I brought back two completed applications to Guam with me and they tell me several more are on the way. Several students are also applying for the FSM and Pohnpei state scholarship to help pay for their education. Please pray for a favorable scholarship award for these students since most of their families have little or no money to pay for their educations. Thank you to Senator Shelten Neth for helping these students and arranging my time at Ohwa. Thanks also to Saladier who provided me with bed, meals and a car.


We took a drive around the island. It rained every day while I was there. On the right we stop and fill up at the discount gas station - $5.10 per gallon


I got some very good sashimi at a couple restaurants


We drove all the way around the island. I hung out the window and took these pictures


Saladier and I ended the drive with a little lunch before I got on the plane to head to Hawaii

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ohwa Christian School Pohnpei Graduation

SAMSUNG            I am back on Guam after a couple weeks away. I flew back from Hawaii, arrived on Guam and SAMSUNG            went straight to our PIU annual fund-raising barbecue. I will post some pictures from that later. In the meantime I will get caught up on my travels in Pohnpei last week. Last Saturday I was one of the speakers at the graduation at Ohwa Christian High School. Our alum, Saladier Ilai is on the faculty there and took most of these pictures. Several of these graduates plan to be on campus at PIU this coming Fall. In fact, I brought a couple of applications back to Guam with me from the graduation and several others are in the process of completing their applications.


The church was full and people were ringed around the windows outside


The dignitaries were escorted in


The graduates entered followed by the color guard


Senator Rory Respicio from the Guam legislature was the keynote speaker and I gave the
“words of wisdom.”


The graduates were, of course, deeply attentive to the speeches


There was quite a celebration outside after the ceremony. Note also that they gave me a special parking place. Smile

Thursday, May 23, 2013

On to Pohnpei

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            After getting back from Hong Kong, I spent what was left of the evening at home in Guam, and then early the next morning boarded the United “island hopper” to head for the island of Pohnpei. I was greeted at the airport there by friend of PIU Senator Shelten Neth and PIU alum Saladier Ilai. The first night we were welcomed by the administration and faculty of Ohwa Christian School with leis and a traditional island banquet (food pictured). I also got to meet Guam senator Rory Respicio who was the keynote speaker for the graduation. I was giving the “words of wisdom.” It was a nice night with lots of speeches and lots of food. We got a chance to rest at a hotel before the Saturday graduation…


Some More Pictures of Hong Kong

Most of the time in Hong Kong we were working on our evaluation report but we did get a little time to go out on the town… and we ate VERY well. Here are a few pictures…


The first day we walked through Kowloon looking for a place to eat. We found a great Thai place with an excellent curry bread bowl and shrimp


Lunch with the Seminary Board on Tuesday


MMMM, giant prawn in some kind of delicious sauce


The chef made noodles in a very entertaining way as we ate the giant sweet and sour fish

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

On my last evening in Hong Kong we enjoyed the laser light show on the downtown buildings