Monday, June 28, 2010

VOM Ministry at Antioch 7th Day Adventist Church, Antioch California

We left Shingle Springs early on Saturday morning the 19th and headed back to the East Bay to perform at the Antioch Seventh Day Adventist Church in Antioch California. The church graciously gave us the sermon time and most of the worship time to perform. They also sent us on our way with a great lunch (fresh, crisp salad is one of the things that is hardest to get for us on Guam). We enjoyed getting to meet some new people and make new friends.

Voices of Micronesia Upcoming Schedule

It is hard to believe that we are already over 6 1/2 weeks into our tour with less than 3 weeks to go. We have had such a great time, got to meet so many good people and done some pretty cool things in the last few weeks. In many ways I'd love just to keep going. Here is our schedule for the next three weeks. If you are in the area come and see us. If you need to contact me, just post a comment on the site and I can get my contact information to you. You don't have to wait for a performance to come and see us. Drop by and say hello...

June 28  Rest Day in the Fresno Area
June 29  Drive to Carlsbad, CA settle into host homes
June 30  Free Day - We would love to do a performance here in the San Diego area.
July 1-4 Youth Sports Ministry Meeting, Point Loma Nazarene University, San Diego, CA
July 5  Drive to Alamogordo, NM
July 6  Arrive Killeen/Salado, TX, settle into homes
July 7  Wednesday Night Service, Grace Baptist Church, Salado Texas
July 8  Thursday Evening Service, Grace Baptist Church, Salado Texas
July 9  Cookout on the Lake with members of Grace Baptist Church, Salado Texas
July 10 Drive to Dallas TX, Settle into host homes
July 11 Morning Worship Service Redeemer Bible Church, 721 Easton Road, Dallas, TX 10.30 AM
July 12 EARLY AM Drive from Dallas  to Alamogordo
          Dinner and Performance at Trinity Lutheran Church, Alamagordo NM  
July 13 EARLY AM Drive from Alamagordo to Phoenix AZ
        Performance at Hope Covenant Church, 1770 S Dobson Rd., Chandler, AZ  7PM
July 14-16 RecFX Surf Camp, surfing and fun, VOM Performances in the evening, near Camp Pendleton CA
July 15 or 16   Disneyland
July 17 Return flight LAX to Guam 9.50 AM

Friday, June 25, 2010

VOM Ministry at Gold Country Baptist Church in Shingle Springs CA

Last Friday night we had the opportunity to present our program at Gold Country Baptist Church in Shingle Springs. This is another of the churches that has been one of our partner churches since Joyce and I began ministry in 1984. GCBC has always been special to us since the church was founded by Joyce's dad and is the church where my parents now attend. Three times, during furloughs and internships, we have been on staff at the church and we have built deep relationships with many people there. GCBC has also hosted Micronesian students in the past. So it was really wonderful to be able to bring a group of our students to present what we are doing to the people at GCBC. We had a great three days in the area and appreciate very much the hospitality shown to us. Again I am using Sarah Cain's pictures - Thank you Sarah.

The girls always enjoy presenting their worship dances

It was great to fellowship with the people at GCBC at the dinner before the performance. As you can see there was plenty of food.

Grace always sings from the heart. 
The best part of the trip is all the good people we get to meet. So many people have opened their homes to us, fed us and taken care of us and we are very thankful
Here are some more pictures of us with new (and old) friends

I really love this picture. My family (who all drove over to see the concert) with my Micronesian family. 
I got the opportunity to thank the people at GCBC for faithful support of our ministry and for the many people the church has sent to us at PIU. 
Jayleen and Keiny 

Meluat on the left while Meyou poses with my niece Taylor on the right.

Mary Grace and Sarah Cain 
The stick dancers gave another energetic performance
The VOM team does the big finale - Emon Souleng

Thursday, June 24, 2010

VOM Ministry at Camino Community Church in Camino CA

Thursday evening we headed up the mountain to Camino California to minister at Camino Community Church. Camino has been supporting Joyce and I since we first went out to Palau in 1984. The pastor of the church is Steve and Angela Leuice who were Liebenzell Missionaries with us on Guam and Palau in the 1980's and 90's. In fact it was Steve who negotiated for and bought the property for the current PIU campus back in 1997. So it was a homecoming for us in many ways. It was so great to be able to let them see at least some of the outcome of their hard work in Micronesia during the many years they were there. It was also great to see Steve and Angela again and we enjoyed renewing relationships with our many friends at Camino. And, Thank you Sarah Cain for the great pictures.
We started with a BBQ. The students enjoyed the time to relax and play Frisbee
Joyce and I introduce the program
Kita blows the shell to begin the program
Keiny and Charles are ready to begin
The ladies wore their colorful Chuukese skirts
Joyce and I directed the program. Well, the students really knew what to do without our help!
Charles, playing the role of Jesus in the skit, takes on the sin of the world and brings healing to it
and then victoriously rises from the dead

VOM Trip to Coloma

On Thursday morning the VOM team took a trip to Coloma, the California Gold Rush discovery site. I wanted them to know that a 49er is not just a football player. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the tour, the museum and hiking around the river. On the way back some of the students stopped off at a friend of Eric and Karyn's house for some kayaking and playing on the river while the rest of us went up to my parent's place to rest and hang out. So I suppose it was a fun and educational day.

The students pose with "Reverend Cool" who ministered to the miners in 1849. 
We got to listen to "John Marshall" tell us the story of how he found the gold in the river in 1848 and how it pretty much ruined his life.

Ceci poses with one of the stagecoaches that may have brought one of the 49ers to California
We, of course enjoyed a healthy lunch

The students all enjoyed playing with our grandchildren who went with us on the trip
The Kayakers
Obviously the students were ecstatically happy about their day
Rowing on the river

VOM Ministry with the Gold Country Youth in Shingle Springs CA

Last Wednesday I woke up in Danville and realized that my left eye was almost swollen shut. I had scratched the eyelid on Sunday and it got infected and swelled up. So Joyce drove the van down to East Bay Fellowship to pick up the students for our trip to Shingle Springs. The VBS there was still going on and I "just happened" to run in to the VBS nurse who was able to get me some anti-biotic eyedrops and a week later my eye is back to normal. This is just one of those "God-coincidences" that have happened on the trip. So we made the drive up to Shingle Springs, enjoyed a dinner with the youth group there and then performed that evening for the youth meeting. Here are a few pictures, mostly taken by the students...
We performed in one the Providence Christian School classrooms. Joyce taught at the school when we were on furlough in 2001-2 and they have been a faithful supporter of our ministry on Guam since then. 

The girls wait for their turn

Kita and Grace do the motions for "Change My Heart O God"

Leeman accompanies on the ukulele as Mary Grace dances along with the other girls

Ceci and Maymay dance

Mike and Samantha also spoke to the group about God's call to missions. They will be flying out to Guam in July to begin their first term as missionary teachers at PIU.