Tuesday, February 05, 2019

63 and Cancer Free

Today I have completed 63 orbits around the sun in my lifetime. I suppose that is a somewhat significant achievement, especially when you consider what we have gone through during the last three orbits. This year was the first time in three years, humanly speaking, that we were pretty sure I would make it through to this birthday. So here I still am "enjoying" a cold snowy day on my 63rd birthday. We are going to try to navigate our way down the steep driveway where we are staying in a few minutes, so we can go out with some friends (who have 4-wheel drive) for a birthday celebration. All of this is a tremendous testimony to God who preserves and gives us the years of our lives to invest for him, the prayers and care of our faithful friends, and the love of my family, especially Joyce. God Bless!

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