Friday, June 19, 2009

June Prayer Requests

It is pretty quiet here at PIBC/PIU in June. There are just a couple students living in the dorm and only a few taking summer classes. Many of our staff and faculty are on vacation and/or raising missionary support. We still are keeping busy and have a few things for which we would appreciate your prayers.

Here are some things you can be praying about for us this month.
We had one student couple get married last month, Sonny and Elilai, and we just returned this morning from the wedding of Merong (PIBC 2008) and Joan. One of the most important things we do at PIBC is help provide the foundation for godly marriages and families. So please pray for these to be godly, exemplary marriages. They are much needed in the islands.

Financial Needs: We continue to trust God for the large amount of capital and operating funds needed to develop our facilities and bring in the people we need to do what God is calling us to do at PIU. Steve Stinnette is on the mainland right now working on fund raising and I hope to go to Palau within the next month or so to meet with some foundations there. We are still looking for 500 people to give an average of $1000 to our annual operating fund. This will enable us to hire local teachers and other needed people that would have a hard time raising missionary support.

We have many more Personnel Needs than this, but these are our main needs right now: 1) Experienced Administrator 2) Chief Financial Officer 3) Librarian 4) Elementary Education Teacher.

God’s Guidance and Wisdom as our administrative staff and I respond to the 39 TRACS recommendations. This needs to be in to TRACS by August 15 and then we will go before the commission in November for reaffirmation of our accreditation.

I have about 15 students in my class, Exegesis in Wisdom Lit. I am doing the class as a non-academic freebie for the community to try to get local Guam people interested in our programs. Pray that we will see more students from the local Chamorro, Filipino, military and other Guam communities.

We have new missionaries (Jen Rydzik, Sarah Cain) trying to raise support to be here by August and some veteran missionaries (Plaxtons and Sorensons) trying to raise their support to needed levels. Pray that God will direct them to people he has called to partner with them. We need all these people to be here in August!

We are working on agreements with some other mission organizations to provide theological training for Asian nationals to prepare them for Bible translation work, pastoral and other church leadership roles. They picked us because of our proximity to Asia, our missions emphasis and our low costs. Please join me in praying for God's guidance and provision for this. It is the support of churches and individuals for our missionary teachers and administrators that enable us to keep costs down enough to do something like this.

We appreciate the prayer and financial support that enables us to stay and minister here on Guam. Thank you!

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