Monday, June 08, 2009

The PIBC Thai Team is on Their Way!

Early Monday morning, the PIBC Thailand Mission Team lifted off from Guam. Except for a thunder and lightning storm which set off all the security systems in the Guam Airport, the trip went well and they arrived in Bangkok without incident. They had a six hour layover in Tokyo and another seven hour layover in Bangkok before they fly to Chiang Mai. You can follow their actions and get their latest updates on the Thai team blog.

On Sunday night Joyce and I, along with Brad and Cheryl Boydston, went over to the campus to say goodbye to the team, encourage them and pray with them. They have been team building by working with the Lutheran Mission Team from Albuquerque renovating the school perimeter fence and doing painting and maintenance on the dorms in the morning and then preparing and practicing for ministry in the afternoon. It was easy for us to see that the team has done a good job of building unity and they seemed well-prepared as they went over their testimonies and performed a couple of their skits. This is the 3rd year we have sent a team to Thailand to work with the Campus Crusade group there.

The team is going out this year still a little short on financial support. They are confident, however, that God will supply their needs. If you would like to help with this you can still donate to the team by sending a check to PIBC with a note that it is for the Thailand mission team. Please join me in prayer for the team as they minister in Thailand over the next six weeks.

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Jen said...

Thailand is near and dear to my heart- if I wasn't going to Guam I'd be there asap. The Thai team is definitely in my prayers- may God bless them!