Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some New "Stuffs"

I have not posted lately. Things have been a little busy around here as I work on our PIBC/PIU response to the 39 TRACS recommendations. Many of our staff and faculty are on vacation or on support raising furlough. But here are a few updates...

Chuuk Trip: I just returned last night from Chuuk. I met with several church leaders and was encouraged by their good attitude about the changes we are making there. We are trying to set up a distance education facility there to meet the needs of the current PIBC students who cannot come up to Guam to finish their education. In the Fall we will offer three courses that will be fully distance education. If this goes well we hope to offer more full DE courses and some hybrid courses.

Our new grandson Milo: Matt says that Milo is growing every day. He is now over a month old (born May 16th). We really enjoy getting to talk with him and see him on Skype. He is constantly moving and noisy. Matt says that he is even noisy when he sleeps. Joyce will be getting to see him in person sooner than me as she will take off for some time on the mainland on July 24th. She will go to Missy's place first and then meet Matt, Michael, Kristin and Samantha and the grandkids a week later. In the picture Titus is lovingly holding his new cousin.

New PIBC Office Manager: Last month we hired Celia Atoigue to be our new office manager. As we reorganize our office she will also be our donation fund manager and take up a few other duties. Celia is a Guam local, and has worked for a long time for a local insurance company. She is a member at Agana Heights Baptist Church. We are thankful that God brought her to us and are enjoying getting to know her, even though she is a LA Laker fan.

Little Brown Bunny: It turns out that our "little brown bunny" belongs to our neighbor's kids. They bought it as a baby and then it ran away. They were surprised at how big it was when we found it. It must have escaped again because Joyce saw it on our back yard again last night.

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