Monday, March 08, 2010

Pictures of Southern Guam

After church on Sunday morning we took our nephew Ben on a tour of the Southern half of the island of Guam. We took about 5 hours to introduce Ben to the sights there. Sometimes I forget, sitting at my desk in my office, just how beautiful this island is. I guess I need to get out more. So here are a few pictures. Come out and visit us and we'll give you the tour too.

Ben, on the left in Agana Heights overlooking the view of Agana Bay

Ben and I at Latte Stone Park in Agana

Out to sea from the beach in Agat.

Ben standing in front of the Spanish Bridge in Agat

Joyce and Ben overlooking Ceti Bay. We pose every one of our visitors right on this spot. This could be you!

Replica of the old fortress in Umatac

Ben in front of Umatac Bay. This is where Magellan landed in 1521.

View across Umatac bay from the guard tower in Fort Soledad

Of course Ben had to ride the carabao

Ben poses with Big John at Fort Soledad

Ben looks out toward Cocos Island

Ben enjoyed the swimming and diving. On the left he leaps into Priest's Pool. On the right he impresses all the locals and Japanese tourists at Inarajan Pools with a ... well I am not sure what that was!

I am pointing to the ancient paintings in Gadao's Cave

Talofofo Bay. 

Looking toward Mangilao and the University of Guam. Back to the center of the island. 5 hours later we are a little sunburned and tired but had an enjoyable day. 


Jen said...

This is definitely cool- looks like Ben got a good tour. I especially like the carabao pose and the dive thing.

You guys did two things I have yet to do here (hint- it's not Priest Pools). Sweet! Something to look forward to! Cool blog Dave.

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Unknown said...
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