Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PIU Days - Day 1 Paideia

Our Easter vacation began, according to long-standing tradition, with our annual celebration of "PIU Days." PIU Days honors the founding and history of Pacific Islands University with three days of sports and spirit competition, feasting, special worship and displays of student talent. The whole campus is divided into three teams for the event. The theme verse for this year's event was Hebrews 12.1-3, so the three teams were named discipline-paideia, perseverance-hupomone and witness-martureo. The teams not only competed in sports events, but each team was responsible for one of the evening services. This year Joyce and I were on the Paideia team and our team was responsible for the first night's worship. Here are some pictures of the first days' events...

T'nel was the master of ceremonies for the evening.

Jen, Steph, and I starred in a skit about how important discipline is to success and spiritual maturity. 

The second skit emphasized that discipline is achieved by keeping one's eyes on Christ. Our math and science prof, JC Yoon, played the part of Jesus. 

The ladies provided a hula worship dance. 

Doug provided the evening's biblical teaching.

The team paideia girls 

Why am I smiling in this picture?

Each team provided refreshments after the evening service. Here Daisy, Joyce and I enjoy some ice cream. PIU Days #2 will be coming soon.

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Jen said...

Don't you love how J.c. played JC-Jesus Christ? No accident. Also...I'm kind of glad you left out the spiritual immaturity of our skit :p Great blog!