Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PIU Days - Day 2 Hupomone

The second day of PIU Days began bright early on Saturday morning as we headed over to the athletic field at Bayview Baptist Church for the track and field events, cheering competition and various other games. After lunch we headed back to PIU to continue the basketball and volleyball tournaments. Team Perseverance was in charge of the evening service. Here are some pictures from Day 2....

The day started with my annual speech about the history of PIU. My main point was that the great people of the past were innovators and we honor them by making sure that we make the innovations necessary to make us successful in the present. The audience was happy that the speech was very short.

The little kids always know where to find the grandmas

The staff 100 yard dashes. Notice the Owen's in last position in the men's staff and women's staff race. 

Here was the race that was really a dash. There was some speed on the track. 

Joyce prepares to return the serve. I think our team managed to lose every volleyball and basketball game this year. But the scores were always close. 

Jen Rydzik skillfully hits the ball in the wrong direction as her Team Paideia teammates look on. 

Ben poses with another group of lovely ladies. 

Day 2 Master of Ceremonies, Meluat, begins the evening worship service. 

The Hupomone trio presents a song. Team Hupomone did not have a "fourio" singing group. 

Mondale provided the message. 

It was a long day. The guys had an opportunity to mess with Ben while he takes a nap.


Jen said...

Haha fun day...thanks for the...uh...recognition.

Dave Owen said...

Hey, at least you got out there. I pretty much parked myself in a chair this year.