Monday, February 14, 2011

Driveway at PIU #2 - Preparing and Pouring the Concrete

After the digging and forming work was done for the driveway in the middle of the week we planned to pour the concrete on Thursday. However we were rain delayed until Saturday. This made Saturday a very long day for all the work crew. But amazingly, everything was ready when the concrete pumper came and the project was completed in a day with a cooperative effort of students, staff and volunteers. Here are a few pictures from the day's work...

The morning began with tieing in the rebar. Everly here shows the right way to do it.

Right in the middle of the morning PIU had a basketball game so several of us took an hour to cheer on the Tide.

I got back in time to sign the check to pay for the concrete. Now it is paid for and ready to pour.
That pumper could pour that concrete pretty quickly. The guys had to work fast to get it smoothed

Robin has the water hose ready to go to keep the concrete moist

Ben and Everly give it a nice smooth finish

Joyce and Courage watch as the guys make sure the rocks all are pushed down through the concrete and we get it smooth. 

Watching the tandem parachuters come down was also very interesting.

We were thankful that Paul donated a whole day on Saturday to get the concrete poured correctly

The pumper truck poured most of the driveway but could not fit into the gate to pour the end of it and connect it to the road.

The guys got a little extra time to prepare the last part of the driveway for the rest of the cement

Eventually the new truck showed up for the last part of the pour

The driveway was connected up to the paved road outside the gate.

The concrete was worked with care

The job was almost done!

It's done! Now we wait 24 hours for it to dry - a week before heavy trucks can drive on it.


Howard Merrell said...

When does the PIU skateboard club start?
Seriously, a great improvement.

Carolyn_ Armin said...

This is very exciting. Can't wait to see it when I am there this summer. Lots of good changes in the last 3 years.