Saturday, February 12, 2011

Family Time

We love living on Guam but the hardest thing for us about living here is being so far from family. We are blessed to have Mike, Sam and the kids here with us now and we were also blessed to have our other two kids visit during the past two months. So here are a couple more pictures of things we do as we enjoy our time with our kids and grand-kids. The picture here is from the last night of Missy and Cliff's vacation here. We took the picture right after a PIU basketball game at the Tamuning Gym.

One of our favorite restaurants on Guam is Chili's. Since Cliff works for the parent company of Chili's we had to go there while he was here. I know that Cliff was impressed with the quality of the food and service but was a little surprised that the Guam prices were higher (although not so much after he realized that sales taxes are included in the price on Guam). After we eat at Chili's we usually take the kids over to Guam Premium Outlets to play in the mall play area.

We also now have a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant on Guam. Joyce and I took the kids there a while back. Titus and Courage were overwhelmed with joy upon seeing the games, rides and play equipment. Serenity enjoyed the lights. They were not so sure about wanting to get close to Chuck E. Cheese himself. However, we get regular requests from Titus and Courage to make a return visit.

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