Thursday, February 03, 2011

Student Statistics for PIU Spring 2011

Yesterday the PIU registrar published our official enrollment statistics for the new semester. I was happy to see that we have slightly increased our student body. We usually have a lower enrollment in the Spring than Fall because of December graduates. This semester our total number of students is 101.

This number includes 5 students in the Master of Arts in Religion program, 70 in the Bachelor's program and 12 in AA program. We have one Bible certificate student and 13 non-program students.

We have 53 male and 48 female students. Since I have been here we usually have had more female than male students. The largest ethnic group by far is the Chuukese with 51. We have 14 Palauans, 4 Yapese and 14 Caucasians. We also have students from Pohnpei, the Marshall Islands, China, Korea, Bangladesh, Philippines and of course Guam.

Most of our students are full time (65), but we have 31 part-time students and 5 auditing. 46 of our students live on-campus in our dormitories.

A lot of numbers I know, but each one is a unique character, created in the image of God and part of our PIU family. We have the privilege of helping each of them become what God created them to be. 
We appreciate your prayers for our students this semester!

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