Friday, March 21, 2014

Saying Goodbye on Guam

One of the greatest things about Guam is all the cool and interesting people you get to meet and work with here. There are people here from all over the world, from many cultures and, if you keep your ears and eyes open, you can’t help but meet interesting people and learn something new. 1888965_10202779482341682_1011189607_oOf course, the downside to living in a place where people come and go so much is that you are often having to say good bye to people that you like. Tuesday we officially said goodbye to two friends.

At lunch we said goodbye to Rob Watt as the PIU family gathered at Lone Star restaurant for a farewell lunch. Rob has been Dean of Students at PIU for about 4 years now. Before that Rob served as our site coordinator in Palau. Rob and Leyla are now in Houston, Texas waiting for the birth of their daughter and are also waiting on God to show them their next place of service. Over the years at PIU I have appreciated the many discussions I have had with Rob and we really have had an “iron sharpening iron” relationship. I need to work on those metaphors I guess. Rob has been a good friend and I will miss him and know the Lord will use him and Leyla wherever he sends them.

SAMSUNG            On Tuesday evening, Mike, Samantha and the kids came over to say goodbye to Saori. Saori is one of Joyce’s faculty colleagues at the Japanese School of Guam. She moved in to our house almost a year ago for a “home stay.” We enjoyed having her stay with us and she kind of became part of the family. She is headed back to Japan, after 3 years on Guam, where she will be a high school teacher. Maybe we will visit her there someday. 

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