Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Chapel

SAMSUNGAfter a week of Spring Vacation, classes and chapel resumed this week. Our chapel speakerSAMSUNG            Tuesday was Bayview Church pastor, Kevin Elwell (left). Kevin worked with us at Yigo Baptist back in the 90’s and was Matt and Mike’s high school teacher then. He moved back to Guam about three years ago to pastor at Bayview. He spoke about how our society tells us that we will have success and “find ourselves” either by “self restraint” by keeping rules, or “self-expression” by “letting it all go” or “being authentic.” He used the movie “Frozen” (which I have not seen) as an example of this. Kevin’s main point, from Philippians 2, was that God calls us to neither of those. Instead he calls us to “self-sacrifice.” It is in self-sacrifice that we really find ourselves and reflect the “authentic” person that God meant us to be.


Samantha and Serenity enjoyed the singing time


And the dancing time


It was another enjoyable chapel

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