Friday, April 18, 2014

Maundy Thursday


It is Saturday here on Guam. We observed Good Friday yesterday at home. I had some good quiet time for reflection. Thursday night we observed Maundy Thursday at the Lutheran Church of Guam with our friends there. They put on a drama of the Last Supper. In the play each disciple reflected on his relationship with Jesus and considered the question, “Is it I?” who would betray Jesus. As we took communion after the drama I found myself meditating on my relationship with Christ and how I have the capability within me to be a betrayer as well. That Jesus reached out to his enemies as they betrayed him is an amazing thing. I am both thankful for it and challenged by it. (I borrowed the picture above from Billy Edwin because his pictures are way better than mine! Actually I think somebody else took this picture with Billy’s camera since Billy is in the picture, 2nd from the right.)


Mike Owen and Billy Edwin played the parts of Andrew and ThaddeusSAMSUNG

Here is the picture from my phone. We are looking forward to sunrise service and breakfast with our church family and then plan to do the big service down at Ipao Beach tomorrow.

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