Sunday, April 27, 2014

“Senior” Chapel

Senior Chapel (13)AsSAMSUNG            is the custom at the end of every semester, the last chapel features the students who are graduating. (I know it is hard to believe that we are already into finals week for the spring semester.) Our baccalaureate service this year will be at 1 PM this coming Sunday (May 4) at Bayview Church, with graduation to follow on Monday May 5 at the Top O’ the Mar. We hope you can join us. Senior chapel allows each graduate (some are technically sophomores since they are graduating with AA degrees) to share how PIU has impacted their lives and to let us in on their future plans.

Senior Chapel (14)Esme is the Senior Class Student Council representative and is graduating with a BA in Biblical Studies. She shared how she feels that PIU is “home” to her and that she “feels homesick” when she is away. Senior Chapel (15)Esme hopes to continue on in the seminary program as God supplies the means to do that.

Tyler has been working as the maintenance director at PIU while finishing his BA in Biblical Studies and has been a real blessing to the school. He shared that PIU has let him develop his skills on the job and challenged him in the classroom. He is not sure about his future plans but may attend seminary.

SAMSUNG            Jesse (left) is graduating from PIU with a BA in Liberal Studies. He shared that PIU gave him an “amazing” experience in cross-cultural living in the dorms and classroom.SAMSUNG            He plans to get married soon after graduation (to December grad Jonie Jones) and then both of them plan to go on to graduate school.

Jake (right) is graduating from PIU with a BA in Liberal Studies. He thanked the faculty for challenging him in the classroom. I have appreciated his leadership among the guys at PIU. He will return to Chuuk after graduation and plans to be a teacher in the school system there.


SAMSUNG            Shelter will graduate with an AA in Liberal Studies. She has enjoyed her two years at PIU very much. She said that when she came to PIU she didn’t know anyone in the ladies’ dorm but has made some deep lifelong friendships there. She especially appreciated the chance to develop her leadership and ministry skills as a resident assistant in the dorms. She plans to complete her BA on the US Mainland, possibly at Biola University.


Rusty (right) will graduate with a BA in Biblical Studies. He shared that he is one of the few Christians in his family and he appreciated his Christian family at PIU. Rusty has been a leader in student missions work while at PIU and, after spending some time back in his home in Chuuk, he plans to be involved in world missions in some way.

Senior Chapel (16)Matthew will be graduating with an AA in Liberal Studies next week. He joked that his time at PIU “has been a wonderful seven years.” I don’t think he really took that long. He talked about the challenges of adapting to cross-cultural living in the dorm and of working full-time while attending school. He said that “after taking some time off” he plans to attend University of Guam and get a teaching degree.

We will have 12 graduates receiving their degrees next Monday, including our December graduates. We invite the community to come share the celebration with them. We ended the chapel with a time of prayer dedicating each of our graduates to God and to his service in whatever they are called to do.

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