Monday, April 21, 2014

Owen Family Easter Celebration

We had a good Easter Sunday celebration. It included a Sunday sunrise service with a potluck breakfast, family gathering, Easter egg hunt, family dinner and time for relaxation and conversation. Here are a few pictures of the day. We even got Titus to let us take some pictures with him in them. You can see how excited he is about that!




The day started off with Sunrise Service. On the left we line up to take communion. On the right my breakfast. Mmmm, the rice and potatoes were good.

In the afternoon was the family gathering at our house. Joyce and the girls set up the hammock

Serenity relaxed in the hammock, and with her new bubble machine

Mike and Samantha prepared for the egg hunt. I got the kids lined up and ready

Serenity and Courage searched diligently for the eggs

Cousin Jesse helped them

Everyone filled their basket

Then, time to relax and eat the candy

Or break the eggs filled with confetti on people’s heads

Or jump on the trampoline

Or sword fight

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