Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Week in the Psalms (29-54)

I have been working my way through the Psalms in my morning devotional reading. The commentary set I have been using does not have a volume on the Psalms (what!??). So I have been posting my own brief comments on each Psalm daily on my Facebook page. Sometimes the comment is a summary, other times it is just a thought that occurred to me as I read. One thing I noticed as I read, was that the Psalms of the Sons of Korah (42-49) work together. The early ones present the problem of the world being chaotic and that God’s promises seem to not be working. The later ones present the promise of things being set right (especially #45 in the picture of a wedding) and God’s rule, which is real in the present, will be clearly seen in His future kingdom. So here they are….

YHWH has all power. He can handle any situation and bring peace and blessing. Psalm 29

The troubles of this life are temporary and for our benefit. God will deliver us. Praise Him. Psalm 30

In times of trouble better to wait for God (by continuing to act faithfully in the mission he has given you to trust Him and love the people around you) than to extricate yourself from the situation by a foolish selfish act. Psalm 31

Those that receive the gift of full forgiveness from God no longer need to hide and live lives of inner peace and joy. Psalm 32

YHWH, the Creator, understands and takes care of His creation. He will bring about His plan and promise to bless it. Psalm 33

When we fully give our lives to God, He sustains, protects and gives us what we need. He is fully involved in the lives of His godly ones to to comfort and bring them through this difficult world and into His kingdom. Psalm 34

If you want God to fight your battles and rescue you from your enemies you need to fighting His battles and love the things he loves. He delights in the welfare of His servants and judges the wicked. Psalm 35

The wicked do not view themselves or the world correctly and thus damage themselves and others. The righteous understand God and his covenant, place themselves in proper relation to God's world and are blessed.  Psalm 36

Some reasons to do things God's way rather than a selfish lifestyle: 1) The success of the selfish person is short-lived. 2) The person who trusts God experiences real joy and inner (relational) peace 3) The selfish life is self-destructive 4) Trust in God produces character 5) The wicked remove themselves from God's active care. 6) The righteous are protected and assured of a blessed outcome 7) The selfish hurt and damage others 8) A godly lifestyle makes life better for oneself and everyone around you. Psalm 37

Sometimes we suffer for our sin and sometimes because of our stupidity or ignorance. Sometimes we suffer because we live in an evil world or because enemies persecute us for doing right. But we can turn over all of these to God, trust Him and wait for him to bring deliverance. Psalm 38

A person who lives for this life alone is foolish because it is so short and full of pain and loss. We need to have a worldview that enables us to live well before God while taking into account our impending death. Psalm 39

The proper response to God's deliverance and blessing is submission to Him and service from a thankful heart. Psalm 40

We live in a dangerous world filled with enemies who would destroy us. But the way to safety is not self-protection. The godly response is a generous, giving lifestyle that meets the needs of those around us. Then God will protect us and accomplish His will through us. Jesus fulfills this Psalm in his lifestyle, death and resurrection and shows us how we need to approach our enemies. Psalm 41

In those times when it seems like God is not there, remember his past blessings and his commitment to his promises and continue to wait for him and keep hoping. Psalm 42

When present circumstances do not match God's promises the faithful can "remind" God of his covenant obligations and how they will praise him when he responds. Psalm 43

The Reality: It often seems as though God does not come through on his promise, things don't work out like they did for the "heroes of the Bible," and the wrong people get rewarded. The Proper Response: Tell it to God and ask him for help. Psalm 44

The answer to the problem in the above psalms is that God, the king, is coming to set things right. This is pictured as a marriage and will change our situation from being "poor foreigner" to being "queen." Psalm 45

In the midst of this chaotic dangerous world God is the one steady source of hope and help. He will set things right in His kingdom. Those who trust him now will join him then. Psalm 46

We can be sure of God's present and future righteous rule over all the earth. Psalm 47

God rules over the kingdoms of this earth and over the spiritual kingdoms. He is worthy of trust now and even beyond death. Psalm 48

Wise people understand that wealth is overrated. No one can bribe death not to take them. But, those who make God the center of their life beat death. Those who live for wealth die just like everybody else. Psalm 49

God's rule extends everywhere and He will bring everyone into judgment. God's standard will not be based on who participated in rituals or who mouthed the right words. The standard for judgment will be the keeping of the covenant to love God with all one's being and your neighbor as yourself. Psalm 50

Because it is God's character to forgive, full confession of sin restores full experience of salvation and relationship with God. Psalm 51

When we trust God we don't have to fear any enemies. Psalm 52

To think that one can live apart from God or oppose God is just foolish. Psalm 53

It does not matter how big the problem is or how powerful the enemy is to the faithful, because God helps them. He will set things right and deliver His people.  Psalm 54

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