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85th Palau Gospel Days

10439449_788673664485264_3937613430157657565_nAfter the PIU Board meeting we enjoyed a week of celebrating the 85th anniversary of the Gospel’s arrival on Palau in 1929. The week was celebrated with several conference speakers, even more choirs (amazing music) and lots and lots of food and fellowship. It was a great week of seeing old friends and meeting new ones. I was privileged to be one of the speakers (see poster on the left). I had a fun time on Thursday night doing a dramatic sermon about Gideon and Abimelech with Michael. We also had a great opportunity to talk about how PIU can work with the churches and with several prospective students. Back in 1984, Joyce and I began our missionary careers in Palau, so it will always hold a special place in our heart. We had originally planned to have a two-year adventure there and instead it led to PIU which became our life’s work. After 30 years in the islands it is a real blessing to see how God has worked in the lives of so many of our former students (Emmaus, PIU and the churches).


Mike and Samantha man the PIU display table


Martin Auch of Liebenzell Mission International read from the letters of the missionary who came to Palau in 1929. It provided a great challenge to us. Pastor Asael Ruda, Chuukese missionary to Yap, shared about the current need and talked about what needs to happen for future ministry in the islands

SAMSUNG            Gospel Days 1 (22)

Left: Cathy Samuel (with the Chuukese contingent) is a descendant of one of the two Chuukese missionaries that were part of the team that brought the gospel to Palau. She shared about what that meant to her. Dr Obak (right) was in the first graduating class of Emmaus High School in the 1950’s. He also is a fellow alumnus of Dallas Theological Seminary.

SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG            SAMSUNG

There were also choirs from most of the villages in Palau and Palauan communities abroad. On the bottom right, PIU graduate Mac Alfonso leads the singers from the youth group on Yap.

Gospel Days 1 (1)SAMSUNG

I had a couple chances to preach or talk about PIU.


On the left the children’s Sunday school prepares to sing. On the right the group from Papua, Indonesia makes a presentation. 22 Papuans came to the Gospel Days to fellowship and finalize an agreement to work together in the region to fulfill the Great Commission


Mike joined the worship team for “youth night.” On the right the “meet and greet”

Gospel Days 1 (23)Gospel Days 1 (24)Gospel Days 1 (25)

On the left a couple pictures of me presenting the seminar (with Mike and Samantha) on “Building Worldview through Christian Education” and on the right Pastor Hedrick with the kids and a fruit bat.

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