Thursday, July 10, 2014

Another Storm on the Way to Guam

According to the Guam Pacific Daily News Guam is now in “Condition of Readiness 2.”  This means that…

damaging winds are possible within 24 hours. All government agencies are closed, and residents are urged to make preparations.

The National Weather Service has upgraded the system to a tropical storm. Tropical Storm 09W is still tracking toward Guam and is expected to pass directly over Guam around sunrise on Saturday.

"Damaging winds" means winds capable of picking up objects that can hit you or your property. This kind of wind, along with the rain, can cause flooding, make debris fly, and topple over small trees.

It looks like this storm will go right over Guam and we will get a lot of rain and wind, but not too bad. Of course weather can change quickly. We appreciate your prayers as the Owen’s and PIU prepare and go through Tropical Storm 09W.

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