Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Seeing Old Friends in Palau

Friends (5)While we were in Palau we got to see a lot of old friends and make some new ones. Here are a few pictures of people that might be familiar to you.

Friends (3)Friends (8)

I always see some of my Emmaus students (we taught at the high school in Palau from 1984 to 1988). On the left is me with Robert Ramarui. Robert is now the academic Dean at PCC. On the right is Mike and I with Gevhart Snebard. Gev lives in the Houston Texas area now.


And of course we meet PIU alumni. Meluat Meluat on the left and Mac Alfonso on the right

Friends (2)Friends (4)

Leeman Sebastian and Joyce Charley on the left. Steve and Anne Stinnette presented to the Palauan Church on the right.

Friends (7)Friends (10)

Old and new friends here. On the left, Slick Douglas who works with Pacific Missionary Aviation (new friend) and Johannes and Anita Staerkel on the right. We worked with Johannes and Anita back in the ‘80’s while we were living in Palau.

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