Saturday, July 05, 2014

Final Palau Gospel Days Service


The concluding service of the Gospel Days Celebration was the morning service of June 29th. (There was a dinner that evening of which I will also post pictures). The 3+ hour service included several choirs, a stirring message by Pastor Billy Kuartei, ordinations and dedications to service and the signing of an agreement between the Palauan Evangelical Church, Liebenzell Mission and the GIDI church of Papua Indonesia. It was a great honor to be (a very little) part of it.


Left, Pastor Billy speaks. Right, the gathered pastors, conference speakers etc.


We thought the choirs on Sunday could not top what we heard during the week, but we were wrong.


Pastor Hedrick Kual was prayed over as President of the Palauan Evangelical Church. Hedrick is a PIU graduate and was part of my first seminary class back in 2008.


Two new pastors were ordained at the PEC. On the right is Mac Alfonso, also a PIU graduate


The church also ordained four new deacons. I really appreciated how they included the families in the pastoral and deacon ordinations


The group from GIDI sang some very upbeat worship songs


The service concluded with the signing of the agreement between PEC, GIDI and LMI

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