Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall Trip–Dallas #1

SAMSUNG            My Annual Fall recruiting, conference, connecting trip to the US Mainland began October 5th with a flight from Guam, through Tokyo, to Dallas TX. I dodged 2 typhoons and the flights actually went very well. My daughter Missy met me at the airport and I spent the first evening at their house. (Family pictures in the next post). Monday was spent at Dallas Theological Seminary. The picture is of me standing next to the statue of Jesus washing Peter’s feet in the seminary courtyard. I got to meet with Patrick Pace who served this past summer as an intern at PIU. Patrick introduced me to Steve Holland of Camino Global. We talked about the possibility of sending Hispanic missionaries to work at PIU. I also had the opportunity to recruit some DTS students as future teachers.

SAMSUNGOn Tuesday I attended the Issachar Summit at Park Cities Baptist Church. The Issachar Summit was a meeting of mission, ministry and business leaders to coordinate the efforts to get the gospel to the over 1800 unengaged, unreached people groups in the world. PIU is a “Count for Zero” organization that is involved in this effort. We heard amazing stories about what SAMSUNG            God is doing in the world in places where, until recently, there was no missionary or Christian in the entire area. We also talked and prayed about getting to the places that have no church, Christian, or gospel witness at all. We were challenged to take on one of these unengaged people groups. I see that PIU has the personnel and training resources to have a great effect here. I am praying that God will provide the financial resources so that we can take on at least one of these groups in Indonesia.

After the meeting I was able to meet with another potential teacher at dinner. Please pray with us that we will be able to find the additional teachers we need for Micronesia.

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