Wednesday, October 29, 2014

TRACS Conference #2

TRACS (1)Here are a few more pictures from the TRACS conference that Sam, Nino and I attended last week. I have to say that this was probably one of the best ones I have been to in a long time. It was very cool to be in a hotel that was right in the airport terminal – I have never gone from baggage claim to my hotel without leaving the building before. There are some hotel pictures below. Without a doubt, the best part of the conference was the keynote speaker at the banquet, Ravi Zacharias. I have never heard him live before and found him to be a captivating, meaty, thought provoking speaker. I heard that he is coming to Guam in December and I am hoping to be able to attend. We also had a good opportunity to sit with TRACS staff, including our liaison Dr. Pramanik (pictured with us here in front of the TRACS registration sign), who will be coming out to Guam in January for our midterm (we are in the midst of a 10 year accreditation cycle) QCR review. We would appreciate your prayers as we prepare for that.


On the left we model our PIU formal wear. On the right a picture from our meeting with Dr. Pramanik


Left, we listen to Ravi Zacharias at the closing banquet. On the right TRACS president Dr. Boatner welcomes us to the conference


This is the view from the window of the room that Nino and I shared


And here is the view from the lobby of the hotel looking down into the airport terminal

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