Friday, October 31, 2014

Back at PIU and Loving It

SAMSUNGThis past Sunday night I arrived back on Guam after three weeks away. It is nice to be back where the weather is warm year round and my skin does not dry up from that dry air on the US Mainland. <smile> It is also great to be back with my PIU family. We are jumping right back into things as our mid-term accreditation reports are due soon and several major events are coming up. One of these events is the K2 Fall student retreat. This is usually a significant event in the school year as many students make or deepen their commitment to Christ at K2.SAMSUNG            This year I have the privilege of being asked to be the speaker. The point of my three messages will be that all of us are severely dysfunctional as people and we all must come to Jesus (daily) based on the forgiveness he provides and minister to each other out of that (Peter and Judas); that despite the fact that we are called and enabled by God to minister in his power we continue in our dysfunctionality which is only mitigated by regularly coming into God’s presence (Moses) and finally when God comes to us with kingdom opportunity to serve we must seize the moment (Esther) despite our past sin and potential for future sin.


On Tuesday we held our preparation for the retreat. I was blessed as the student leaders laid on hands and prayed for me, the worship leaders and all those involved in the retreat. I appreciate your prayers as the retreat continues through the weekend.

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