Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving from Guam


10342890_901037833249195_9039957526666638172_nIt is Thanksgiving morning on Guam. I am the only one up in the house so far – Joyce was up late last night decorating the big classroom at PIU for the Thanksgiving celebration this afternoon. (thank you Kita for letting me steal your pictures from your Facebook page). Joyce says that her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. It is nice to be able to set aside a feast day to celebrate God’s provision and thank him for what He has given us. (On Guam the football games are on Friday so I don’t have to deal with that temptation). We enjoyed a special Thanksgiving chapel on Tuesday where staff, faculty and students got to share their testimonies of thankfulness. I shared that I am thankful that God works through me, despite (and even sometimes through) my pervasive dysfunctions, and brings gifted people to work alongside me. Thanksgiving is a loud affirmation that God is good, period.

SAMSUNGSAMSUNG            TG Chapel (5)

There was singing and sharing in chapel on Tuesday. Joyce and crew decorated on Wednesday

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