Tuesday, November 11, 2014

K2 Day 3


Day 3 (20)The final day of the K2 student retreat (which was also the first day of November) began with some ice-breaker games on the basketball court, continued with a morning worship session and ended with a beach day and barbecue at the beach. I think a goodDay 3 (13) time was had by all. I ended my three teaching sessions with some reflections on the story of Esther. Esther is very encouraging to us in two ways. First, is that God can use very unfaithful people (Esther and Mordecai) to do important work. Even though they are in the wrong place, doing the wrong thing (Mordecai is basically pimping his niece to the Persian king), never pray, praise or read the scriptures God brings them to a point of crisis where they need to be willing to sacrifice their own interests for those of God and his people. Even though they do this in a strange way, God uses their sacrifice. Second, the real focus of the story – the returned exiles in Jerusalem - are saved before they even know they are in danger. It is a good picture of how we can be sure that God is working to accomplish his promised purposes even when we can’t see him doing it.


The games got us ready for the morning


The worship team was already in their beachwear. I like preaching in a bathing suit

Day 3 (14)Day 3 (17)

The Owen family enjoyed some water activities

SAMSUNG            Day 3 (18)

There was some scuba diving happening too – some introductory lessons given

Day 3 (1)Day 3 (27)

The cooks did a fine job

Day 3 (11)Day 3 (12)Day 3 (15)Day 3 (21)Day 3 (22)Day 3 (23)Day 3 (24)Day 3 (25)Day 3 (28)Day 3 (29)

And I managed to snatch many of the pictures the students posted to Facebook

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