Saturday, November 22, 2014

Student Life Chapel

SAMSUNG            Friday’s chapel was led by the Student Life team. The student life team consists of the staff (Sarah Brubaker, Daisy Murdock and Rob Puckett), the six resident assistants and the rest of the students. The SL staff has done a great job of organizing the students so that they take care of and support one another. As student Alfredson Perez so eloquently stated it, “It is not just Scott (his RA) that bibles us, we bible each other. It’s all about fellowship.” It is always an encouragement to hear from the students about what God is doing in their lives. This semester they have been studying their way through John’s First Epistle and so the songs, testimonies and skits reflected their thinking and application on 1 John.

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Rob and Daisy closed and opened the chapel. The RA’s led their small groups to lead the rest of the chapel service

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Scott’s group went first with some Bible reading, testimony and singing


They were followed by Jordan’s group


And Melvin’s group


Nailynn, in the green shirt introduced the ladies’ portion of the program. The ladies did their program all together


In the first skit Addie had a hole in her heart that could only be filled by Jesus (Nonie)


The second skit (I think) warned about how easy it is to let other things get between you and Jesus


The girls closed the program with an action song

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