Monday, November 10, 2014

K2 Day 2 (and I’m Back)


Day2 (6)For those of you wondering what happened to me the past week or so, I am back. I thought I was down with the flu, but it turns out that I had a “nasty” (in the word of the doctor) ear infection. This is good news to people I was in contact with last week since, as it turns out, I was not and am not contagious. With the antibiotics I should be back up to speed in a couple days. In the meantime, I will get my blog caught up with things that went on the last 9-10 days. I left off after the first day of the K2 retreat. SAMSUNG            The 2nd day was the first full day of the retreat. It began with two service projects done by students and staff. The first was a clean up down south in the village of Umatac. The second was a clean up in PIU’s home village of Mangilao. It was a good morning to hang out with the students and serve together. Joyce made pancakes for the Mangilao group. After some afternoon rest time we had a second session in the evening. I spoke from the life of Moses about how God uses dysfunctional leadership. God did not need Moses’ talents, although he created them for his use. If God was able to deliver Israel from the mighty empire of Egypt by using little things, like a walking stick, frogs, flies, gnats and locusts, he can deliver and lead through any person. What made Moses effective was not his talents and abilities. Instead it was his time spent in the presence of God.

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The Umatac team worked hard all morning


The Mangilao team enjoyed pancakes after their morning of work


We finished the evening with our second session

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