Saturday, April 25, 2015

Happy Birthday Courage

SAMSUNGYesterday we spent most of the day celebrating the 7th birthday of my oldest granddaughter Courage Owen. Just for fun, here is the post I made when we first heard that she had been born. 2015-04-25 17.01.10 (800x600)Here is the post from the first time I actually met Courage. She is a very grown-up 7 year old now and we all enjoyed an all afternoon family party at the Pacific Islands Club Resort. Joyce and I were reminded that this is the same place we took our daughter Missy for her 8th or 9th birthday back in the mid-1990’s. It was a fun Saturday.


Titus enjoyed wrestling and tug-o-war in the pool

2015-04-25 16.59.48 (800x600)SAMSUNG

Courage posed on the frog in the pool

SAMSUNG2015-04-25 19.53.01 (800x600)

Courage “enjoyed” her birthday cake and having the restaurant employees sing to her


She rocked out with the birthday present we gave her

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