Saturday, April 18, 2015

“Psalms” Chapel

2015-04-14 11.17.32 (800x600)Tuesday’s chapel at PIU was led by the Exegesis in Psalms class taught by Dr. Bill Wood (left). Because Psalms is the song book of the Old Testament, and Bill loves to lead music, the class presented their exegetical and interpretive efforts in the forms of various styles of praise songs,2015-04-14 11.15.46 (800x600) hymns and other forms of musical expression. The audience was encouraged to sing along. I think for most of us it was a nice encouragement in the middle of the day. In addition the Bible Translation class, taught by Peter Knapp (right), presented their class project: a story about the Passion of Jesus translated into Yapese.

2015-04-14 11.22.33 (800x600)SAMSUNG

Bill led from the piano as the class presented several Psalms to us

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