Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Library Week Art Seminar


Art Day (1)The culminating event of last week’s Library Week Events was an art seminar taught by local Guam artist Simeon Palomo. He takes local common plants and recyclables and converts them into beautiful tropical arrangements. The cover of his book is pictured above. He showed us how he puts these arrangements together, then broke them apart and had us rearrange them. I was amazed at how fairly mundane things can be creatively arranged into art. The PIU staff, students and several people from the Guam community had a very enjoyable learning experience. Thank you Simeon! And Thank you Paul Drake for making this happen!

SAMSUNGArt Day (7)Art Day (10)

Simeon shows us how it is done

Art Day (11)Art Day (14)

And we did it…

Art Day (16)

…and posed with our creations

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