Saturday, September 19, 2015

Friday Chapel at PIU

Chapel 18 (2)Chapel 18 (4)I missed chapels last week because I had meetings both days off-campus. I was glad to be able to be back in chapel this week. I enjoy the time with the students and faculty-staff who are on campus. Friday several of the residents of the women’s dormitory led the music and worship time and our speaker was PIU teacher, pastor of Faith Church, and PIU advisory board member, Tom Van Engen. Tom talked on the passage about Jesus walking on the water and how, like Peter, we can either experience Jesus as a “ghost” or as the Almighty God of the universe. It depends on our response.

Chapel 18 (1)Chapel 18 (3)

One more chapel picture. I especially enjoy it when the students lead singing with songs they have written

2015-09-16 11.03.102015-09-16 11.03.21

This is not a picture of chapel. I took it on Wednesday. I like the way it shows students interacting in the pavilion at the center of the campus. I also like that my grand-daughter Serenity just joins in the group like she is a college student.

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